Simi Valley Kia: Kia Shows Off UVO at CES 2012

Typically, the highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show involve gadgets that are hand-held, pint-sized or oriented towards gaming or communications. However, care manufacturer Kia stole the show at the 2012 CES with the introduction of UVO 2, an innovative infotainment system that promotes safety and even fun. The Kia UVO 2 is an enhanced, polished version of the UVO system Kia debuted two years ago, and it marks a major leap Kia UVO 2 at CES 2012forward for in-car utilities – test the system today at Simi Valley Kia.

The Kia UVO system does bear some similarities to traditional CES offerings, as it features a vibrant-colored, 4.3-inch touch screen in the center of the dashboard. Users of smart phones and tablets will immediately be at ease with Kia UVO, as the screen’s resolution and responsiveness are in line with most mobile devices. But the UVO 2 is more than just something to look at; Kia’s co-pilot provides entertainment controls, phone integration and the eServices menu of 14 useful and unique services.

Kia covered all of the bases with the eServices options, providing tools for safety, entertainment, navigation, diagnostics and even parenting. The eServices utilities can also help ensure new drivers are educated about, and aware of, their car’s condition due to the digital owner’s guide, automatic diagnostics and maintenance report services. Additionally, Kia’s eServices offers roadside assist, park assist, crash notification assist and car care web to keep drivers safe.

The UVO 2 system also makes Kia”s vehicles more family-friendly, particularly for parents with younger drivers. UVO 2 offers speed alert and curfew limit options to keep parents in control even when the kids are behind the wheel.

To learn more or test the system, visit First Kia the Simi Valley Kia dealer. Models with the UVO system can be test-driven at Simi Valley Kia risk-free and without appointments or obligations.