Why is the new 2011 Kia sportage getting better gas mileage than most other SUVs?

Overview of the 2011 Kia Sportage

Traditionally SUV’s have always been known as gas guzzlers, consuming fossil fuel costing you money and contributing to the environment problems.  This is why, the all new 2011 KIA Sportage dares to make a big difference, thanks to its transmission which boasts diverse variations.

The next generation KIA Sportage has been developed over the years to outrun and out gun its competitors.  The New 2011 KIA Sportage has various types of transmissions to suit the need of the driver. First Kia in Simi Valley offers the 2011 Kia Sportage in all the variations, giving Kia shoppers in Simi Valley, Ventura and Oxnard the choice they’re looking for.

Lambda II 6 speed automatic transmission, developed for those eco friendly and environmentally conscious individuals, this provides 20% greater fuel efficiently as compared to its competitors in the same category, averaging 15.4km/liter, and its 2WD version can hit 0 – 100kph in just 9.6 seconds, and clocking 60-100kph in just 5.1 seconds which is about 21% and 24% faster as compared to its nearest competitor, respectively. What’s more, the Lambda II boasts of having the world’s highest allowable torque at 45kgf among front wheel drive with automatic transmission,

The Theta II 6 Speed Automatic Transmission is no different to the Lambda II 6 Speed Automatic Transmission when it comes to fuel efficiency, at over 11km per liter, this is quite commendable when it comes to fuel efficiency consumption.  It can out run its peers bursting only at 10.6 seconds for 0-100kph, and hitting a 100 kph from 0 at only 6.2 seconds.

And it does not stop from there, years of research and development allowed engineers to accomplish 3 feats, reducing its weight, improving fuel efficiency and its performance. The Lambda II has been reduced by a total of 12kg as compared to its predecessor, which is a 5 Speed Automatic Transmission, reduced the number of parts by 62 and shortened it length by 41mm.

For its manual transmission, the second generation of the KIA Sportage has been installed with Mu 6 Speed manual Transmission.  This transmission’s weight has been greatly reduced, through its unique arrangement of its gear train.  To make it even more comfortable to its passenger, a new grinding method has been utilized which have effectively reduced the noise, vibration and harshness, normally occurring in manual models.  Improving its gear shifting handling capability, a multi core synchronizer has been put, reducing jamming sensation during shifting.  Furthermore, the latest concentric slave cylinder clutch control system have been applied to the 2011 KIA Sportage manual models easing the transfer of hydraulic power from clutch pedal directly to the clutch cover, eliminating any inconveniences whenever the driver presses down the pedal.

So if you are thinking of an SUV, powerful yet fuel efficient and eco friendly, the All New 2011 Kia Sportage is right for you.

At First Kia in Simi Valley, we demonstrate thoughtful consideration not only for the drivers but to the environment as well without sacrificing its superior driving performance. We invite you to come test drive the new 2011 Kia sportage and see why this new SUV is getting better gas mileage than most other vehicles in its class.

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