What is it About KIA That Makes Them a Top Seller?

Top Selling KIA 2010 Models

Being one of only two automaker brands to increase sales in the face of a national economic crisis means that Kia is not only doing good, they are revolutionizing the car industry. This is not a big surprise as Kia had always been known for its competitive pricing without compromising safety and value. The following are its hottest sellers, and the reasons why you should be driving one:

Kia Sorento

With already 8,207 units sold, the Sorento comes very close as the leader in the crossover SUV segment. Its stylish exterior is a big sign indicating that the car company has shed its initial lackluster designs, while still retaining its affordability and reliability. It also offers standard amenities that are simply impressive. It’s no surprise why more affluent customers are now expressing a growing interest in Kia’s showrooms.

Kia Forte

Costing thousands less than the other top models of its kind, the Forte offers a polished exterior, impressive fuel economy, comfortable interior and modern features – a good justification why it’s performing excellently in the compact sedan segment. It already has 4,333 units sold and has received a SmartWay Certification Mark (given by the EPA) and NADAguides.com’s “Car of the Year” award. The Forte is definitely another wonderful and smart car out of Kia’s stable.

Kia Soul

One year after Kia first released Soul, this mini MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) has put its tiremarks on the record with a phenomenal sales increase of more than a hundred percent (from 34 to 3,600 units sold). This unique vehicle does not only distinguish itself by its outlandish-but-chic look, it does so by holding up to Kia’s commitment to safety, design, technology and quality. Well, with such a funky name and trusted maker, what else is to be expected?

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